8 thoughts on “2138 J-115 Long Holbrook All Weather Cabriolet 1929 Seen in the movie Topaze 1933 (1a) (10)”

  1. Судя по белой крыше это 2128. У 2138 по две лампочки под задними дверями.

    1. Thanks for your comment. 2128 Has a Veed windshield, 2138’s is flat. The second courtesy light on 2138 could have been added later by an owner.

      1. Сначала у 2128 было обычное плоское лобовое стекло, V-образным оно стало, когда автомобиль переделали в седан.

        1. All the images of this car that I’ve seen, including in its town car form, show a v windshield. Also, 2138 has a higher roofline than 2128. 2128’s roof sweeps back slightly at the rear, unlike 2138, which is very conventional. Finally, there’s no sign of the weird oval window on 2138. If you have a picture of 2128 with a flat windshield I’d be eager to see it.

    2. The white roofs on both of these cars are unlikely to be original – as a result they’re unreliable when it comes to identification.

  2. В книге Don Butler “Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg” на странице 238 есть это фото, и под ним описывается вся судьба 2128: переделка в седан и последующая разборка на запчасти.

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