2 thoughts on “2173 J-148 Short LeBaron Dual Cowl Phaeton Sweep Panel shown with German actress Annemarie Korff (1)”

  1. Судя по публикации в Automotive History Review, этот автомобиль до сих пор не идентифицирован, но это не 2173.

    1. A number of Duesenbergs remain unidentified, especially in older publications. King Alfonso’s J-282 is a case in point. Adler lists it as unknown, but the link on my page reveals the recent verification of its J number and chassis number. The fact that the Society of Automotive engineers lists 2173 as unknown, but goes on the say that it is not 2173 is a contradiction that makes no sense. Adler lists J-148, 2173 as a LeBaron Dual Cowl Phaeton, and the photos on my website show just such a car in a European setting. As so few LeBaron Dual Cowl Phaetons were transported to Europe it seems pretty likely that I’ve gotten it right.

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