First Prize Win For “Chinese Puzzle.”

I couldn’t be happier – Red City Review awarded “Chinese Puzzle” first prize in its Mystery/Thriller category.  I never expected to win, contests are something I’ve had very little experience with, and when I went to check to see if I even got an honorable mention, I was traveling and used an old computer, which refused to display the whole page, leaving out the Mystery/Thriller category.  Not realizing this at the time I signed off, dejected and depressed – “Oh well,”  I told myself, at least I got a great review, (several months earlier.)  When I returned home I remembered that my old computer was an established pathological liar, and figured that I’d double check with a new computer – still it took me a couple of days to muster the courage to take a look at the Red City Review winners page.  Lo and behold there was Chinese Puzzle in all its red and yellow glory.  I was stunned and delighted and I’ve been walking around since with a warm feeling  in my heart.  My thanks to Red City review, and congratulations to the other winners.

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